October 2020 website changes

Betty Boles Ellison’s detailed history of Andrew Carnegie and the library he created can now be found under “Articles”, or the following URL https://friendskylibraries.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/carnegie-libraries-4.pdf

Grants page has been updated to reflect the Friends of Kentucky Libraries had planned to provide additional grants in 2020, but with the obstacles of COVID-19 that limit library programming and services along with activities of local friends groups, the Board decided to not offer these grants in 2020.  When the Kentucky General Assembly eliminated funding for public libraries beginning in 2021, the Friends Board voted to reserve the grant funds for distribution to those Kentucky public libraries that may face closure from the lack of state funding.

Our 2020 annual meeting is now cancelled. An email will be sent to all members who provided an email address with the proposed Board nominees, calling for a vote. Please cast a vote! If you did not get a ballot, please reach out to: contact@friendskylibraries.org


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