Letter to the Editor


During this trying time, I hope all of us everywhere are stopping to count our blessings.

A pandemic should be a significant emotional event for all and a great time to evaluate whatand who is really important to us. If secure in one’s faith, life is not really scary, nor is the prospect of one’s demise. What should be scary is not knowing who and what you are and not having anyone to love on this earth.

 In America we love to disagree but regardless of what is said we defend the right to say it because we are a proud and fiercely independent country of individuals who love our freedom to express ourselves, even if often ridiculous things are said and possibly done. 

How do we know people? Not by what they say so much as what they do. During this weird time on earth it is wonderful to see folks helping others. That is what God intended. “Love thy neighbor as thy self” should always be the mantra for all of us. I love hearing of random acts of kindness and being reminded by “Just Be Kind” signs throughout our community.

Life is extremely rewarding and not scary when you are doing good deeds to benefit others. Please call your friends and neighbors and check on them. They will get such pleasure from your calls. Do not forget that family and friends are the real treasures on earth and the real heroes now are those in the front lines during this pandemic– the doctors, nurses, EMS personnel, and the army of folks tending to our medical needs and at times paying the ultimate price for doing so. Please pray for the families who have lost loved ones and do your part by being kind to everyone during this pandemic. Life is way too short. Please do something nice today for someone other than yourself. That way you will enjoy life much more than you ever thought possible. PEACE.


Jim Weise

Elizabethtown, KY


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