Establishing a Friends Chapter


Judy Burdine leading a session  on starting a Friends Chapter at the KPLA spring conference in Bowling Green on April 12, 2018.

Establishing a Friends Chapter (PDF Download)

The core mission of Friends groups across the state is to support their home library. This often costs a great deal in terms of time and money, and the Friends of Kentucky Libraries is here to help. Whether your Friends group is an established Friends Chapter or you are part of a group of people trying to organize a Friends group for your library, the Friends of Kentucky Libraries Chapter Liaison and Mentoring Committee is available to help. The purpose of the Chapter Liaison and Mentoring Committee is to mentor new and existing Friends groups and to foster the development of networking among Friends organizations.

Our committee members are a great resource, having many years of experience working with Friends and libraries within Kentucky and across the country.

  • We have an electronic “packet” of information that we can send to libraries or individuals who are interested in starting new Friends chapters.
  • Committee members can offer unique guidance for each Friends chapter, such as establishing the relationship between the Friends and the library administration or working through the steps to form an organization within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  • We are happy to come to you to talk about how to have an effective Friends group—and how to avoid pitfalls along the way.

For assistance, contact Judy Burdine or Jim Weise