Just think of the convenience of learning new skills and information in the comfort of your own home (or at your local library) when it is easily accessible to you and at a pace that fits your needs. No better way than through a webinar, a web-based seminar, many of which are offered free and are about an
hour in length. And most can be archived for reviewing later or even saved to your computer permanently. They often come with downloadable handouts that you can share with others in your Friends chapter.

The American Library Association offers a variety but two excellent examples are:

The best single place to explore other options is through the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives’ Continuing Education calendar. Some of these are “in-house” training modules, but others link you to outside organizations.

Recent webinars offered through WebJunction, a nonprofit online community where more than 61,000 librarians learn and share, include such topics as:

  • Lunch at the Library: Nourishing Bodies and Minds Webinar / 07 February 2018 — In this webinar, hear how to facilitate study groups, or Learning Circles, for people who want to take online courses together, in-person.

Another provider is NonProfit Webinars, where you can learn about governance, marketing, fundraising, and more.

  • Strategies for Success: Board Member Recruitment& Retention addresses how to recruit and ways to retain outstanding board members.
  • How to Overcome Your Board’s Fear of Fundraising, Once and for All trains you to think through the process of getting your board involved with fundraising.