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FKL Awards:

Nominations for Outstanding Friend and Outstanding Friends Chapters are now being received by the Awards Committee of the Friends of Kentucky Libraries.  In addition to honoring the state’s Outstanding Friend, FKL will recognize the Outstanding large Friends Chapter (more than 100 members), the Outstanding small Friends Chapter (less than 100 members), and the Outstanding new Friends Chapter (established 5 years or less) at the annual meeting on November 17, 2018 at Spendletop Hall in Lexington.

Please see the criteria and applications for the awards at https://friendskylibraries.org/home/activities/awards/

Let Us Know Your Events!

Let us help you promote meetings, legislative activities, and book sales!  For a complete list of statewide events please visit our “Events” page.

Final Legislative Results:

April 23, 2018:

The 2018 Legislative session is finally over! In the final hectic days, the budget was approved which restored state aid for public libraries and full funding for public library construction grants. In addition, the legislature provided relief for libraries that participate in the county employees retirement system from a steep increase in the library’s pension costs, instead enabling a phase in of the new higher pension costs. A bill that would have charged libraries a high fee for using data from county PVAs to set tax rates died in committee as did a bill to change the method of appointment for library trustees.

This session could have been a disaster for libraries, but ended up very successful under the circumstances.

In his presentation of the final budget that was approved by the Legislature, Sen. Chris McDaniel specifically mentioned restoring state aid for libraries and that he had heard “a lot” about this need.

Obviously your calls were pivotal in making sure this funding was restored. Thank you so much for every call, e-mail, and contact with legislators. Our success proves that the calls matter. I think it is likely that we would not have been successful without the calls from Friends all over the state. We helped save libraries from being closed and many programs and services from being cancelled!

I hope we don’t have to call on you until at least next January for any more calls, but in May and again in November we will be electing all 100 House members and half of the Senate. As you are approached by candidates asking for your vote, please ask them about their support for libraries and make sure they understand you will be expecting their support in Frankfort. The best way we can advocate for libraries is to elect legislators who are supportive from the start!

Thanks again for all your wonderful support!

Wayne Onkst


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