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I want all of my fellow Kentuckians to remember what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said during his first inauguration on 4 March 1933 about the Great Depression–“there is nothing to fear except fear itself”.  Those same wise words apply today to all Americans as we face the Corona Virus.  Can you believe that Corona Beer sales are way down?  Does it make sense?  NO. It does not but folks are afraid of the very word “Corona” which is Spanish for crown.  We are Americans and we have the best health care system in the world and we shall master this invisible enemy.  All we have to do is follow the common sense guidance being given to us by our health care professionals and by not doing anything stupid.  I am told that the line to the Men’s Room is now longer everywhere because men as well as women are following the guidance given regarding frequently washing our hands.  Stay as home as required or needed except to obtain basic necessities and all will be fine.  The guidance is clear; if anyone is sick, just call a medical professional but do not go to the Emergency Room unless it is a genuine emergency.  Corona Virus symptoms are like the flu. Contact your doctor and do what you are told.  It is also a great thing to check on your friends and neighbors by phone or email.  If they are in your neighborhood you might want to knock on a door but keep your distance while inquiring if anyone needs any help with anything.  I also recommend catching up on your reading.  Most of us have lots of books we have meant to read, but never seem to get around to reading.  I particularly recommend The Bible or the significant book(s) of your religion.  A few prayers from all of us surely will not hurt and should help significantly in the long run.   Peace. 
Jim WeiseElizabethtown, KY


The Friends of Kentucky Libraries is a nonprofit organization made up of individuals and local Friends chapters and local boards of trustees who support and celebrate Kentucky’s libraries.

We are…
– a network of library supporters from across the state sharing ideas and news
– a source of assistance for creating or revitalizing your local Friends of the Library Chapter
– a unified voice to advocate for your library and all Kentucky Libraries

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The Fall 2019 Survey of Friends of Kentucky Libraries Chapters is in, and lots of information and ideas for Friends groups around the Commonwealth. Click here to see the survey results.

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