Library Legislative Day

 Library Legislative Day is Thursday, February 9 2023.  We encourage you to contact your Library Director as they are scheduling visits with Representatives and Senators so you can join them in these visits.  If you haven’t participated in these visits before, I’m sure you will find them interesting and enlightening!  Visits by Friends make a big impression on legislators.  In addition to our visits, Friends will be managing the registration and also providing M&Ms for legislators.

The only bill related to libraries proposed thus far is SB35 which defines the way publishers of e-books can provide materials to Kentucky libraries.  This legislation is actually favorable to libraries – which is a pleasant turn compared to recent years!  The Public Library Legislative Committee will be watching this bill and others that may be proposed and will let us know if/when calls need to be made.  We will keep you posted.

Each year we encourage our members and friends to participate in Library Legislative Day in Frankfort. The Kentucky Public Library Association provides information about proposed legislation having an impact on libraries, and library supporters visit their legislators to discuss the issues.

If you would like to attend Legislative Day, please contact your local library director for more information.