Library Legislative Day

2019 Legislative Day

It is that time of year again – Legislative Day!

Here is the rundown:

Orientation (for first time attendees,  anyone who wants a refresher or wants a detailed look at our ask for the year):  February 13, 2019, 4:30 p.m.  at the Paul Sawyier Library in Frankfort.

Legislative Day is February 14, 2019.  Check-in will be in the Capitol Annex cafeteria like last year.  Please remember to check in that day before you head out to visit your legislators and remember you must have a photo id to get into the Annex.   Our state Friends groups has M&Ms to pass out to all our legislators.  There will be a concluding rally this year in the rotunda (more details to follow).

Please begin making your appointments with your legislators soon.

You can find contact info here:

We will be sending out a handout for you to use as we get closer to the day.

Thanks to the wonderful members of the Advocacy Committee for pulling things together again this year!


Dave Schroeder

Each year we encourage our members and friends to participate in Library Legislative Day in Frankfort. The Kentucky Public Library Association provides information about proposed legislation having an impact on libraries, and library supporters visit their legislators to discuss the issues.