*** Please note: The Friends of Kentucky Libraries had planned to provide additional grants in 2020.  With the obstacles of COVID-19 that limit library programming and services along with activities of local friends groups, the Board decided to not offer these grants in 2020.  When the Kentucky General Assembly eliminated funding for public libraries beginning in 2021, the Friends Board voted to reserve the grant funds for distribution to those Kentucky public libraries that may face closure from the lack of state funding.   ***

Grants for Library Projects

The Friends of Kentucky Libraries has initiated two grant programs to assist Friends Chapters with some of the expenses of advocating for their local libraries.

Reimbursement Grants to assist with Nonprofit Application Filing Fees – FKL encourages all Friends chapter members to incorporate as nonprofit organizations and obtain federal tax-exempt status. We realize that the filing fees and other costs associated with applying for this status can be a burden. To that end, we award non-competitive grants of $400 to each chapter that has been awarded tax-exempt status.

Chapters, or their library’s board of trustees, must be members of FKL. (A membership form may be submitted along with the grant application.) Grant applications must be submitted no later than six months after the chapter receives official notification from the IRS. To apply, please complete the
grant application and mail to FKL*.

*Current grant applications may have an email address – please mail in your forms for now instead to :

Friends of Kentucky Libraries, Inc.
PO Box 537
Frankfort, KY  40602-0537