We have just learned that SB167 which would abolish the library boards effective January 1 and allow the county judge executives to appoint new library boards of their choosing will be heard in the State and Local Government Committee today at noon.  This bill would also require unanimous fiscal court approval for any construction project over $500,000!  

We are asking for anyone who is represented by any of these Senators to call as soon as possible – today if possible – and express your opposition to this bill.

LRC MessageLine:


Robby Mills – (S) – Chair

Michael J. Nemes – (S) – Vice Chair

Ralph Alvarado – (S)

Denise Harper Angel – (S)

Christian McDaniel – (S)

Morgan McGarvey – (S)

Wil Schroder – (S)

Adrienne Southworth – (S)

Brandon J. Storm – (S)

Damon Thayer – (S)

Phillip Wheeler – (S)

The message is: 

“Please oppose SB167 and support library boards of trustees”


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